Visible Light Communication

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Just when your thought you had heard it all here comes another slightly far out idea, but it’s real.

Data through your desk lamp

The demand for wireless data communications is growing rapidly, fuelled by billions of devices connected to the internet and the spread of bandwidth-hungry applications. This trend is exhausting the available radio spectrum below 10 GHz.

Consequently new wireless technologies are emerging making use of higher frequencies. One example is Optical Wireless Communication (OWC), which takes advantage of the license-free optical window. Within OWC, Visible Light Communication (VLC) coined as ‘Light-fidelity (LiFi) is a technology capable of delivering multi-gigabit per second wireless communications.

Not something to get too excited about but bascially this is what it is and there’s money in it : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This OWC technology uses light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a medium to deliver networked, mobile, high-speed communication in a similar manner to Wi-Fi. The Li-Fi market is projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 82% from 2013 to 2018 and to be worth over $6 billion per year by 2018.





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Building Regs.

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When do the new rules start?
● From 1 January 2005, people carrying out electrical work in homes and gardens in
England and Wales will have to follow the new rules in the Building Regulations.
Why have you introduced the new rules?
● To reduce the number of deaths, injuries and fires caused by faulty electrical installations.
● To make it harder for ‘cowboy builders’ to leave electrical installations in an unsafe condition.
What should I do if I want to do some electrical work?
● You may need your local authority’s Building Control Department before you start the work.
What will happen if I do not follow the Building Regulations?
● The electrical installation might not be safe.
● You will have no record of the work done.
● You may have difficulty selling your home if you do not have the right electrical
safety certificates.
● Your local authority’s Building Control Department may insist that you put right faulty
Where can I get more information?
● From your local authority’s Building Control Department.
● We publish a free ‘Explanatory Booklet on the Building Regulations’. Phone 0870 1226 236 or
visit for a copy.
● ‘Approved Document P’ explains how to meet the new rules. You can download this free
of charge from approved-documents. Or you can buy a
printed copy for £15 from RIBA Bookshops.
(To order, phone 020 7256 7222 or visit

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