Internal bi-fold doors from Gama Doors are perfect for en-suites, cupboards, and wardrobes. They can also be used to create a room divider when fitted in pairs.

When installing your bi-fold door, follow our simple step-by-step guide, and watch the video to see how we fitted a Gama Tigris White bi-fold in our showroom.

Please keep in mind that this installation guide is just for Gama’s white bi-fold doors. Gama’s Oak bi-folds come with different door hardware, and while the technique is identical in general, it differs in several areas, therefore we recommend consulting the installation instructions.

Bi-fold doors from Gama can only be installed in frames without a rebate or a stop.

Bi-fold Doors: How to Install Them

1- Preparation

A ready-to-hang bi-fold door, a mount track, and a set of door hardware will be included in your pack. This pack includes everything you’ll need to fit the door, including step-by-step instructions.

You’ll need the following items to fit the bi-fold door:

• a measuring tape

• practice drills

• philips screwdriver

2- Install the top track

Mark 19mm back from the front edge of the frame head, drill, and screw the top track into position.

3- Attach the pivot plates to the door.

There are a lot of pivot plates that need to be fixed on the door.

Fix the first pivot plate to the top edge of the door’s hanging side. The pivot lock at the plate’s center should be 50mm away from the plate’s hanging edge. Fix this in its proper position.

The roller guide plate should be fixed to the top of the door’s opening side. The pivot lock in the middle of the plate should be 38mm apart from the leading edge. Fix this in its proper position.

The bottom pivot plate should now be placed beneath the door’s hanging side. The pivot lock at the plate’s center should be placed 50mm away from the edge. Fix this in its proper position.

4- Install a jamb bracket

The screw hole in the jamb bracket should now be 30mm from the edge of the frame. Fix this in its proper position.

5- Install a doorknob

Fix your doorknob in the desired location. A place about halfway up the opening side of the bi-fold and 38mm from the central meeting edge is recommended.

6- The bi-fold door should be hung

Lift the bi-fold into position after folding it. Make sure the track pivot lock is unlocked before proceeding.

Place the pivot on the door’s opening side into the track groove first, then the pivot on the door’s hanging side into its receptor. Slide the tab lock once it’s firmly in place.

Insert the bottom pivot into the socket by pressing it down. Secure with two screws if no vertical adjustment is required. If horizontal adjustment is required, the bracket can be adjusted.

7- Snubber should be adjusted

Close the doors and slide the Snubber until the Roller Guide is reached. Open the doors and tighten the Snubber by moving it 3mm closer to the Roller Guide. With a small pull on the handle, the doors should ‘snap’ close and open smoothly.

8- Covered in wood

To hide the track, add a 19mm by 19mm piece of wood at the top and screw it in place.